301 – Rust Stain Remover

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301 – Rust Stain Remover

●   1000 ml. plastic bottle

●   It effectively removes all rust and metal stains from cotton, wool, synthetic and mixed fabrics, and carpets.

●   It does not weaken or wear fabrics.

●   It can also be used to remove rust stains on non-metal hard surfaces such as porcelain, faience, etc.

●   After usage, it should be removed from the surface with plenty of water or steam.

Usage Instructions

Read the label completely before use. Wear PVC or rubber gloves and pour directly onto the stain from the bottle. Clean by using your fingers. Rinse well with water after application. (For old stains, you may need to do a few applications. After the stain is cleaned, rinse well with water). It can be used safely for unfading colors and all fabrics except glass, fabric types containing metallic fibers, and metallic silk fabrics.

Protector for Hands: Protective gloves
Material of Glove: PVC glove / Rubber glove
Protector for Eyes: Glasses that cover the edges completely
Protector for Body: Protective working clothes