318 – Brake Lining Cleaning Spray

Home 318 – Brake Lining Cleaning Spray


It is a powerful spray designed for cleaning, and degreasing brake, clutch and other mechanical and electronic parts. Cleans oil, grease, brake oil and other dirt from metal parts. It prevents dust on the brake and clutch. It protects the brake and clutch against friction. It prevents asbestos dust. It does not leave any residue. Chlorine-free.


In the brake parts; drum and disc brakes, linings, springs, cylinders, etc.

In the clutch parts; on clutch lining, pressure plate, and other clutch parts.

It is suitable for use in all kinds of vehicles, bicycles, machines and other mechanical parts.

Avoid applying on plastic and painted surfaces.


First, clean the dust and dirt with the help of a brush or cloth. Apply with spray, brush, cloth, or refillable Eco-Spray. Apply in abundance to the component and let it flow. Wait for the product to evaporate from the surface or wipe it with a cloth. If there is excessive dirt, repeat the process.