303 – Stain Removal Krebs (Combed Cotton)

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303 – Stain Removal Krebs (Combed Cotton)

Textile and Apparel (in combed cotton, shirt, cotton, silk, corduroy, synthetic fabric, nylon, orlon, and other synthetic materials); it removes machine oil and ballpoint pen stains. It does not leave watering. It cannot be used on plastic and leather surfaces. Please be careful not to let the product hit varnished or lacquered surfaces. Test in an unseen point to check the color stability of the material to be cleaned.

Usage Instructions

Spray the product over the area to be cleaned by holding it 20 cm away from the stain. Then dry it by applying compressed dry air.

Protector for Hands: Protective gloves
Material of Glove: Butyl Rubber, BR Gloves
Protector for Eyes: Glasses that cover the edges completely
Protector for Body: Protective working clothes