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It provides dry lubrication. It reduces static electricity. It speeds up cutting and sewing processes. It facilitates fabric flow. It prevents the material from sticking. It prevents the noise, sticking, and jamming of the machine. It is colorless and odorless, dries quickly, does not form a sticky or oily film. It does not make a stain and does not oxidize. It is water and moisture repellent. It protects against rust and corrosion, provides easier and more comfortable cleaning. It prevents soft-hard and hard-soft materials from wearing. Provides protection and preservation of equipment. It saves time and labor. It makes it easy to slip, provides long-lasting performance.


Thread slider and glitter slider for sewing and embroidery

Mold release agent in printing processes

Mold release agent in plastic injection machines

Against freezing and jamming of window, door, sliding door etc.

In machinery and industrial processes

For invisible clean lubrication on all sliding surfaces

Mould release agent / anti-adhesive on gaskets or sealed contact points or boiler covers

Ideal for use on ovens, freezers, conveyor belts, straps, and slides.


Clean the application surfaces thoroughly. Apply the spray in a thin layer. Do not overspray.

CAUTION: Do not allow spray and mist to smear/cover the floor. It can cause extremely slippery floors, especially when wet.

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