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It is a lubricant with strong adhesion, water repellency, and high inclusion properties. It protects against rust and corrosion. It delays friction and wears. It prevents the accumulation of dirt. It is resistant to mud, cold, hot, and saltwater. It prevents the mechanisms from sticking. It is dielectric. Prevents squeaky and screechy sound. Operating temperature range is -12 / + 200 ° C.


It is applied to mechanisms that are easy to lubricate or are not continuous.

Motorcycle and bicycle chains, chain saws

Workshop equipment, agriculture, etc.

Lock, hinge, door, sliding window, lever mechanisms

Cables, spiral gears

Bowden cables, gears, chain conveyor, joints

Steel ropes, hoists and cranes, forklifts and heavy machinery

for lubrication of parts exposed to impact and shaking such as bearings, rails, open gear, steering arm head etc.


Remove oil residues and dirt with our Class.y (318-Brake Cleaner) product. Spray only the components to be lubricated. Wait for the solvent to evaporate. Do not add to engine oil.