316 – Contact Cleaner Spray

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It effectively cleans dirt and other debris on electronic components. With its fast-drying, high purity formula, it evaporates quickly and leaves no residue. Safe to use on most plastic materials and paints. It improves performance, extends equipment life, prevents electrical failures by removing light oils, flux removal, dirt, and fingerprints accumulated on hardware such as connection surfaces, microprocessors, relays, switches, connectors, breakers, LED and PC cards.




Read the entire label before using this product.


Turn off the power supply. Before using the product, make sure that stored energy is discharged from the system and hot surfaces are cooled. For best results, prepare extremely dirty or worn surfaces by polishing them with soft sandpaper or spraying air with compressors. Tilt the surface and spray the product until it is clean. Spray periodically to remove tightly adhered particles and to allow the excess cleaning agent to flow out. Dry the product completely and ventilate the system thoroughly before reconnecting power. For your safety, do not clean the equipment while it is powered. SPECIAL USAGE WARNINGS: Contents are extremely flammable. Do not smoke while spraying. Put out all flames, turn off pilot lights and heaters. Do not make applications while the equipment is connected to power. Vapor can easily accumulate and ignite. Use only in environments with adequate ventilation. Maintain ventilation until vapors dissipate during and after use. ELECTRIC SHOCK HAZARD: This box and its ingredients conduct electricity. Keep away from all sources of active electricity, including battery terminals, solenoids, electrical panels, and other electronic components. Not taking this notice may result in serious injuries due to ignition and/or electric shock.