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Karaman Chemical Industry was established in 1994 to contribute to the commercial life of our country and to achieve exemplary success. Our company, which entered the sector rapidly from the first year of its establishment, was only importing and marketing stain removers and various chemicals until 2000. Since this date, it has added Aerosol products to its structure and brought new products to the Turkish Textile and Automotive sector with the Class.y brand.

You can use our Class.y branded products, which are manufactured by our company, have superior quality, and have been minimized hazard to human health, comfortably and practically in any environment.
We consider the accumulation of our company matured with labor as a whole with our product and service quality, and we raise our upward trend by feeding on the values we do not compromise and our stable and consistent structure.

Among the factors that determine our identity and principles; we have productive continuity that created in our company and a wide range of products that considering customer needs, meeting with sensitivity, and creating value-added solutions.

Our capital; is our knowledge, experience, reliability, and quality.